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Impeller of Flotation Machine

Flotation machine impeller cover is commonly known, it is an important part of the flotation machine. Is an indispensable component. The main mechanical properties of the physical work is completed consumed wear, increasing the impeller cover wear life extension is the purpose of our products. Due to the limitations of the rubber material, the new polyurethane material appears to be the best alternative, made of polyurethane material production impeller cover the longest life expectancy of up to 3 years, it is 3-5 times the rubber material.


Flotation machine impeller cover has a good high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance and chemical resistance characteristics. There are A-type series, KYF series, XCF series, BF series, JJF series, BSK type series. Our products are widely applicable to lead-zinc, copper, gold, titanium, and other non-ferrous metals and non-metallic mineral mines on flotation devices, and support in a number of mining machinery plant.


1.When the pulp is push out by impeller, form a negative pressure suction under the coverplate;

2. Regulate the amount of pulp into the impeller;

3. Avoid during downtime, ore pressure impeller and difficult to start;

4. Some steady flow function. When flotation machine work, the feed tube feed the slurry to the center of coverplate, the impeller rotating centrifugal force generated the pulp out, at the same time form a negative pressure between the impeller and the cover plate, and the intake pipe automatically inhale the outside air. Strong stirring impeller function make the pulp is mixed with air fully, and will be divided into many small bubbles.Moreover, in the rear of the impeller blade will precipitate some air bubbles from the pulp.


Product has wear-resisting, polyurethane material,corrosion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, light weight, High equilibrium precision, stable operation, Simple structure,good streamline,Guaranteed flotation efficiency, convenientmaintenance and  installation.

specifications of flotation machine impeller:


Specifications and types

XJK series


GF series


BF series


JJF series

0.37,1.1,2.8,43,83,163,203 ,383

CLF series

43,83,163 ,403

BXK series

43,83,163 ,383

SF series


KYF series


XCF series


Our products can be customied according to customer's demand.Because the specification of flotation impeller is complex,so we need the detailed drawings.


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