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Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is made of imported high quality coconut shell wich adopts a special activation process by blowing and winnowing. Our coconut activated charcoal’s advantages of uniform particle size, high strength, well-developed porous structure, strong adsorption of precious metal, easy to electrolytic analysis and repeated regeneration. This kind of activated charcoal is widely used in Our CIL process.


Mainly used for CIP, CIL, gold extraction of heap leaching and separation and extraction of precious metal in metallurgical industry.

Coconut activated charcoal adsorbs complexes containing gold in carbon adsorption tank. After the adsorption, the gold loaded carbon enters into desorption electrolysis system under the action of the pump. The carbon enters into the regeneration furnace after analysis, and iodine can generally be restored to more than 95% for reusing.

Technical Parameters


A Grade

B Grade

Particle size 6-12 mesh




Abrasive resistance




Iodine sorption value




Loss on drying




Apparent density




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