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Thousands of times test,Only for an optimal process!

In order to carry on beneficiation research conveniently ,Whispur spent much and built ten laboratories , 50 beneficiation experts made research for more than thousands of projects .In laboratories , experts make different tests for variety mines in order to choose the best process and solution.

The importance of dressing experiment research

  • The foundation of the design
    of concentrator

  • The driving force of
    technological innovation

  • The key to optinum

  • The basis of investment

The procss of ore dressing experiments

Techniciens experts with more than 20 years beneficiation experience making tests everyday , make sure the mines have the most benefice , client`s satisfaction is the mission of Whispur Group.

In general,It is includes the following five steps
The following is a complate mineral processing test report for your reference
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